[Bonus] Ecommerce Store SEO

Color My Slime

In this case study I stressed the outsourced component of content editing.

While outsourcing is not always the right move, in this example it was prudent because the store owners (myself included) lack expertise in our target audience, children hobbyists.

Creating a draft post is only step 1, however. To predictably achieve page rank for new pieces, even after keyword research has been accomplished, you need a "last mile" SEO checklist before hitting publish.

Here's the exact SEO-friendly checklist we created internally, which we follow before publishing new content:

Free Download - New Post SEO Checklist (File > Make a Copy to edit)

Existing content vs new content

If your business requires niche expertise, outsourcing is out of the question. And if you don't personally have the bandwidth to write content in-house, you may want to improve existing content to see if that increases search traffic without all the effort.

Free Download - Before/After Title and Meta Description (take screenshots, annotate traffic from each variant)

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